In this issue a member of the teaching staff has described the impact of the loss of important raw material and its effect on scholars in her field. The outgoing chairman of CAFS reflects on the relationship of two eminent art historians and some aspects of their early careers. The newly-appointed Courtauld archivist encourages former students to reminisce about earlier times at the Institute. The recollections of students from the 1930s would be particularly valuable, although all memories of the Institute as it was in Portman Square would be of interest, particularly when viewed in relation to accelerating change at Somerset House.

The architect of the renovations in the Gallery describes his brief and the resulting challenges when facing the idiosyncrasies of the site. He also experiences at first hand the effects of rigid value judgements made by preservationists in areas where choice can be fundamentally only a matter of informed opinion, where an old building is being adapted to a different use. It is ironic in the Courtauld’s case where the stated intention has been to be more truthful to Chamber’s architecture, not less.

Jane Ferguson