Delegates from more than forty institutions in seven countries gathered at the Courtauld on 21 February for a one-day colloquium in connection with the Illuminating the Renaissance exhibition at the Royal Academy.

The event, organised by the Research Centre for Illuminated Manuscripts, was generously supported by the Courtauld Research Forum and the Royal Academy. It took advantage of the presence of curators and conservators, in London to oversee the safe return of their objects, along with scholars taking a last chance to study the displays.
Most of the day was taken up with reflections on the objects, their display, the lessons learned, and the avenues opened. There was vigorous private discussion throughout. Public discussion was more restrained, but provided an opportunity to congratulate the co-curators Scot McKendrick (British Library) and Thomas Kren (J. Paul Getty Museum), while also politely questioning what had been achieved, how, and why.

The day ended on a high note with a long private view of the exhibition, at which the participants astonished the RA by deserting the wine in favour of impassioned viewing and yet more debate. The speakers were then entertained to a magnificent dinner in the RA. The event was a tremendous success.

Prof. John Lowden