Lucy Askew, MA 2004, was appointed Assistant Curator, Tate Collection, Tate, in September 2004.

Anna Athanasopoulous, PhD, 1997, has been a European Union officer at the Council of the European Union in Geneva, since December 2002.

Justin Ayton, MA 1998, Joined English Heritage as Inspector of Historic Buildings in Bristol, January 2004.

Louise Berg, BA 1981, has been Exhibitions Project Manager at the Australian Museum, Sydney, since 1994.

Sophie Berrebi, MA, 1995, PhD 2003, was
appointed Lecturer in the History and Theory of Photography at Universität van Amserdam in 2003.

Briony Biles, MA 2003, was appointed Assistant, Continental Paintings Dept., Sotheby’s, in August 2004.

Melanie Blake, MA 1996, was appointed Assistant Editor, Catalogue Raisonné, at the De Laszlo Archive Trust, in June 2004.

Mima Bone, BA 1999, was appointed Assistant Education Officer, Geffrye Museum, London in April 2004.

Georgina Brewster, BA 1988, has been a freelance journalist since 2004.

Julius Bryant, Mphil 1986, was appointed Keeper of Word and Image Department, Victoria & Albert Museum, in February 2005.

Leslie Carlyle, PhD 1991, is a committee member of the International Institute for Conservation.

Charlotte Crawley, MA, 1977, has been Artistic Director at the East Anglia Art Foundation, Norwich since September 2004.

Jane Davidson, MA 2002, was appointed Assistant Curator at Aukland Art Gallery, in 2002.

Susan Duval, MA 1983, PhD 1988, is Director of Susan Duval Outdoor Sculpture in Aspen, Colorado.

Kate Fisher, MA 2004, was appointed Assistant Fair Manager, Frieze, London, in November 2004.

Kate Fox, BA 1985, was appointed General Manager, Bridgeman Art Library, in April 2004.

Elizabeth Greenberg, MA 1998, has been Exhibition Co-ordinator at the Yeshiva University Museum, New York since August 2004.

Joanna Gwilt, MA 2004, was appointed Research Assistant, French Porcelain Catalogue,Royal Collection Trust, London in May 2004.

Fiona Harkin, BA 1997, is Ciry and Arts Editor, at Worth Global Style Network, London.

Natalie Hill, was appointed Administration Officer for the Images of England, English Heritage, Swindon, in September 2004.

Birgit Joebstl, PG Dipl. 2002, was appointed Press Officer, Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin in November 2004

Holger Klein, MA 1994, was appointed Robert P. Bergman Curator of Medieval Art, Cleveland Museum of Art, in September 2004.

Jackie Klein, MA 2001, was appointed Exhibitions Curator, Hayward Gallery, London in September 2004.

Joanna Kleinberg, MA2003, has been a Gallery Assistant, Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York, since March 2004.

Sarah Levitt, MA 1979, has been Head of Museums for the Leicester City Council since 1997.

Sarah Lewis, MA 2004, was appointed Curatorial Assistant, Museum of Modern Art, New York, in May 2004.

Katherine Lord-Brown, BA 1994, has been Director, Art & Interiors Ltd., London since August 2004.

Angelika Lymberopoulou, MA 1994, PhD, 2000, Birmingham, is Lecturer in Byzantine Art History, Open University.

Claire Marmion, BA 1993, has been AIG Art Collection Director, Chicago, since May 2004.

Fiona Moorhead, BA 1995, is Marketing and Press Manager at the Women’s Library, London.

Jilleen Nadolny, PhD 2001, Has been Associate Professor, Conservation, at the University of Oslo, since 2003.

Keith Penton, BA 1987, was appointed Head of Jewellery Dept., Christie’s South Kensington Ltd., London, in January 2004.

Susan Pugh, MA 1998, has been Assistant Curator, Library Drawings and Archive, Royal Institute of British Architects, London since September 2004.

Jane Ratford, MA 2002, has been a casework manager, Independent Police Complaints Commission since April 2004.

Kathryn Rattee,MA 2001, has been Exhibitions Organiser, Serpentine Gallery, London, since September 2004.

Ananda Rutherford, MA 1996, is Assistant Keeper, Geffrye Museum, London.

Samuel Sadow, MA 2004, was appointed Library Assistant, Rotch Visual Collections, Cambridge, Mass., in February 2005.

Jan Seewald, MA 2001, has been with the Goetz Collection, Munich since September 2004.

Rose Silas, MA 1998, is an investment banker with JPMorgan Chase, London.

Florian-Oliver Simm, MA 2004, has been employed by The Paragon Press since June 2004.

Charlotte Soehngen, MA 2004, is Events Coordinator , Fusion Promotions, London.

Claire Tancons, MA 2000, has been Curator, Caribbean Contemporary Ars, Port of Spain, Trinidad, since July 2004.

Barbara Thorpe-Tracey, BA 1985, has been Head of Alumni Relations, King’s College, London, since October 2004.

Britta Tondborg, MA 1998, has been Curator, The Royal Cast Collection, Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, since March 2004.

James Weeks, MA 2003, is a researcher at Alan Baxter and Associates, London.

Gwen Yarker, MA 2000, has been Collections and Visitor Services Manager at the Russell-Coates Art Gallery and Museum in Bournemouth since January 2005.

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