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Professor David Park

David Park was educated at Manchester University and the University of Cambridge. From 1980 to 1985 he was a Leverhulme Research Fellow at The Courtauld Institute of Art, undertaking the National Survey of Medieval Wall Painting, of which he remains the Coordinator. Since 1985 he has been Director of the Conservation of Wall Painting Department, which he established with Sharon Cather. In 2001 he was a Visiting Professor in the History of Art, Université Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne, and he took the lead role in organising an exhibition on medieval polychrome sculpture at the Henry Moore Institute (Leeds) in 2002-03. He organised The Courtauld’s 2009 conference ‘A Rajput Pleasure Palace: the Art of Nagaur in Context’ , featuring the Conservation of Wall Painting Department’s current project in India. He has been Chairman of the Paintings Committee of the Council for the Care of Churches, and is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.

Building partly on the Department’s current research project on the wall paintings of Bhutan, David Park is one of the organisers of the Buddhist Art Forum, a major event to be held at The Courtauld in spring 2012. Sponsored by the Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation, the Forum will bring together monks, art historians and conservators to address the philosophical issues concerning Buddhism and the arts.

Current research/interests


  • Medieval wall painting, especially in England and France
  • Medieval art in northern England
  • Asian wall painting
  • Buddhist art
  • Images of education in medieval and Renaissance art


  • Conservation at Heritage Sites: A Critical Review and Case Studies (completed 2008)
  • Images of the Holy Kinship in England, c.1170 to c.1525 (completed 2008)
  • Gothic Wall Painting in Picardy c.1250-c.1350 (in progress)
  • English Royal Wall Painting in the Second Half of the Fourteenth Century (in progress)
  • Cistercian Art and Architecture in Northern England during the Late Middle Ages (in progress)
  • Islamic Wall Painting in the Middle East from the Seljukid Phase of the Abbasid Dynasty until the end of the Crusades (in progress)

Courses TAUGHT in 2010-2011



Forthcoming Publications

Cistercian Art and Architecture in the British Isles, ed. with C. Norton, Cambridge (paperback edition)

The Temple Church in London: History, Architecture, Art, ed. with R. Griffith-Jones, Woodbridge.

Published in 2008

‘The earliest Holy Kinship image, the Salomite controversy, and a lttle-known centre of learning in northern England in the twelfth century’ (with M. Naydenova-Slade), Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes, 71 (2008), 95-119

Published in 2006

‘Mural painting in Transcaucasia’, in Mural Paintings of the Silk Road: Cultural Exchanges between East and West (Proceedings of the 29th International Symposium on the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property, Tokyo, January 2006), ed. K. Yamauchi, Y. Taniguchi and T. Uno, London 2007, 3-8 (also published in the Japanese version of the Proceedings)

‘The painted decoration of Ewenny Priory and the development of Romanesque altar imagery’ (with S. Stewart), in Cardiff: Architecture and Archaeology in the Medieval Diocese of Llandaff (British Archaeological Association Conference Transactions, 29), ed. J. R. Kenyon and D. M. Williams, Leeds 2006, 42-59

Published in 2005

'The painted plaster’ (with H. Howard), in Sherborne Abbey  and School Excavations 1972-1976 and 1990, ed. L. Keen and P. Ellis, Dorchester 2005, 107-16

Published in 2004

'Late medieval paintings at Carlisle’ (with S. Cather), in Carlisle and Cumbria: Roman and Medieval Architecture, Art and Archaeology (British Archaeological Association Conference Transactions, 27), ed. M. McCarthy and D. Weston, Leeds 2004, 214-31

Published in 2003

'English medieval wall painting in an international context’, in Conserving the Painted Past: Developing Approaches to Wall Painting Conservation (Post-prints of an English Heritage conference, 1999), eds. R. Gowing and A. Heritage, London 2003, 1-8

Catalogue entries in Gothic: Art for England 1400-1547, ed. R. Marks and P. Williamson (catalogue of exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum), London 2003


Conservation, wall painting, medieval, Asian, India, Bhutan, Buddhism, education.