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Chairman of The Courtauld Scholarship Fund, Farah Alaghband, and scholars

While the world of art is going through fantastic transformation and auctions are setting new records, The Courtauld continues to face uncertain economic times, which makes our mission of providing the gift of life to our deserving students all the more challenging.  In addition to the economic headwinds, we are facing stiff competition for talent from first-class US institutions, which benefit from a much longer history of philanthropy.

Deciding what causes and institutions to support can be daunting; there are many demands and so many terrific causes to support. For my family, giving to The Courtauld has been an easy decision.  My husband and I recently had the absolute pleasure of having dinner with our scholarship recipients. We experienced first-hand what it means to support deserving students who have had to go through a very rigorous process to first gain acceptance at The Courtauld and then to qualify for scholarship support. These students’ passion and commitment was contagious! We came to a conclusion that night: we are simply intermediaries in providing the means to students who can study in peace and concentrate their efforts on the ultimate goal of obtaining a top-tier education without worrying about finances.

It is these scholars who will go on to become the top curators, art historians and conservators in their respective fields and provide much-needed leadership in and interpretation of our shared visual heritage.

Farah Alaghband
Chairman of The Courtauld Scholarship Fund and scholarship supporter

The Courtauld Scholarship Fund

Donors can fund and name scholarships for a wide range of postgraduate degree courses, choosing to support ‘fees only’ or a full scholarship (which includes fees and living costs) for either a UK/EU or an overseas student. 

The Courtauld Scholarship Fund offers supporters an opportunity to participate at one of three patron levels and for a duration of their choice.

Patron Levels:

  • Student Patron: £5,000+ pa
  • Class Patron: £15,000+ pa
  • College Patron: £25,000+ pa

We ask that donors consider supporting scholars for three years, which helps students to forward-plan and maximise their time at The Courtauld.

Why give to The Courtauld Scholarship Fund

  • We have a very driven and highly motivated student body with a thirst for knowledge;

  • We have some of the best academics in the field of art from around the world with unbelievable knowledge and passion for teaching;

  • We are located in one of the most vibrant global cities, surrounded by a tremendous wealth of resources in art and history within a stone’s throw of The Courtauld;

  • We have perhaps the most talented group of alumni in the field who continue to support their institution in more ways than one (see our distinguished alumni)


Programme successes

The recently launched Courtauld Scholarship Fund has enjoyed much success over the last year thanks to our many generous donors rallying around a shared philanthropic passion.

  • 2011/12 was a bumper year thanks to 100 individuals, trusts, companies and foundations that gave £800,000 in support of 79 postgraduate students
  • In the 2012/13 academic year, donors gave over £700,000- our second-highest scholarship fund in history- in support of 76 postgraduate students
  • Each year, about one-half of Courtauld scholarships support PhD students, 30% support MA students and 20% support students on Conservation courses

We hope you will consider making scholarships a philanthropic priority and help us to continue to build positive momentum in support of our shared visual heritage.

Goals for the next academic year:

  • £800,000+ to support The Courtauld Scholarship Fund
  • To support over 80 postgraduates with this funding
  • To offer minimum scholarships of £5,000
  • To offer some full scholarships, covering tuition fees and living expenses
  • Three-year financial commitments for students in three-year PhD and conservation courses  


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